Domain Knowledge & Business Skills

These are the areas where I have strong domain knowledge and proven business skills.

Data Management

I have deep experience across all disciplines of Data Management including Data Integration, Data Quality and Data Governance which are the critical foundation of any business analytics projects and initiatives.

Data Visualisation

I have been part of the data visualisation revolution and led the successful launch of SAS Visual Analytics locally in Australia/New Zealand which has become one of the dominant data visualisation tool in the market.

Advanced Analytics

SAS has given me tremendous insight into the power of advanced analytics. Not only am I comfortable with tools such as SAS enterprise miner, RStudio, I am also familiar with common modelling techniques and algorithms.

Big Data

Big data platforms such as Hadoop bring unique opportunities and new challenges. I have been advising organisations on how best to modernise their legacy environment and leverage Hadoop for big data analytics.


I have over 10+ years in a customer facing, sales/presales capacity and have proven successes through a collaborative based, consultative approach to selling.


Having been responsible for the development and execution of successful B2B marketing campaigns, I have proven experience in terms of delivering simple, effective marketing messages that leads to results.


Whether it be advising CXO's on big data architecture or contributing to robust data governance debate via social media, I gain the trust of my audience through valuable thought-leadership and ideas.

Public Speaking

Having delivered large number of customer presentations, conference sessions and guest lectures, I thrive and truly enjoy evangelising what I passionately believe in.

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there”

— Will Rogers