About Felix

Hi I am Felix Liao.

Let me help you unlock your true potential through mindful producitivity!

My name is Felix Liao and I have been a thought leader working at the intersection of business, technology and data science.

Amongst many things, I am a computer engineer, a data scientist, an MBA graduate, a published author, and a product management leader. My curiosity and thirst for learning have not only allowed me to survive in the cut throat technology industry, but it has also led me to appreciate the challenges of being a modern knowledge worker.

Achieve more through Mindful Productivity Practices

Along the way, I have developed a set of strategies and techniques based on the foundation of mindfulness. The insights I have developed have allowed me to stay on top of my game.

I believe mindfulness is the key to truly unlock sustainable productivity. With a focus on being present instead of individual productivity hacks, we can unleash our true creative potential, achieve great things and ultimately live a more productive and happier life!