About Me

Hi, my name is Felix Liao and welcome to my blog about how to be an effective modern knowledge worker today.

That is a picture of me on stage talking about Analytics and Data Science which has been the bulk of my career. Amongst many things, I speak, write, advise and lead a team of people that help organisations automate process and make better decisions using data and algorithms.

I will share the odd posts about data science and machine learning because I believe these technologies will fundamentally change how all of us work in years to come.

Having said that, this site is not really about my work, if you are curios aboout that and has a deeper interest around all things Analytics or Data Science related, you can always head over to my LinkedIn page where I post regularly on these topics.

Instead this site is mainly about HOW I WORK in order to stay on top of my game in a rapidly changing industry. I believe ultimately we are all knowledge wokers today and on this site we explore the strategies and tools that can help you live a more productive and happier life in a rapidly changing world!